AVATAR: Discover Pandora is a new, interactive exhibition inspired by the extraordinary creatures, breathtaking environments and inspirational cultures of James Cameron’s AVATAR.

From James Cameron’s groundbreaking film AVATAR, comes an experience for the entire family based on some of the most astounding and fascinating aspects of the alien moon Pandora. The artifacts and specimens presented here, curated by scientists from the RDA’s Avatar program, left Pandora more than six years ago to make the long journey to Earth. Now you can experience these unique discoveries for yourself and gain thought-provoking insights into the many ways in which Pandora reflects our own planet.

In this more than 10,000-square-foot entertainment and educational experience, visitors will leave the 21st century behind and step into a 22nd century world filled with science and wonder. Join us, and discover Pandora.

Discover the AVATAR Program! 

Be Fascinated By Pandora’s Breathtaking Environments! 

Immerse Yourself in the Jewel-Like Glow of Bioluminescence! 

Picture Yourself as a Na’vi! 


Weekday Weekend
Adults 4 800 Ft 5 500 Ft
Children (under the age of 12) 3 400 Ft 4 000 Ft
Student (to the age of 12) / Pensioner 4 100 Ft 4 700 Ft
Family (2 adults+ children, under the age of 12) 11 600 Ft 13 200 Ft
Group (at least 10 members) 4 200 Ft 4 900 Ft
School Group* (at least 10 members) 2 800 Ft 3 500 Ft
VIP 6 800 Ft 6 800 Ft

* For children 3 the entrance is free!

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